Unannounced Project
(Apr. 2022 – Present)

Role:Associate Gameplay Programmer
Company:New World Interactive

The Hermit: Nature’s Hero
(Sept. 2021 – Apr. 2022)

Genre:Fantasy, Action-Adventure
Engine:Unity 3D 2020
Role:Gameplay Programmer
Company:Digital Donut Games (College Project)
Links:Game Download (Alpha), Source Code,

You are a hermit living on the outskirts of society, completely unaware that the peaceful land you know has been thrown into turmoil and chaos. When you are forced to leave the safety of your home for the first time in your life, you quickly realize that you are an anomaly – and perhaps the only person who can bring this land back to peace.

This is my college’s capstone project, where we spent the entire final year almost exclusively working on this game. I collaborated with 4 other programmers and 5 artists to make this fantasy action-adventure game! This game has turned into a passion project for everybody on my team, and we intend to continue working on it post-graduation, if time allows it!

Game Elements Worked On:

  • Object Interaction System (Documentation)
    • A system that allows the player character to pick up items, interact with objects, talk to NPC’s etc.
    • Allows for easy creation of unique interactable objects.
  • Health and Stamina System (Documentation)
    • Game components that handle any character’s health and stamina, and links them to all the relevant functionality in the game.
  • Potions (Documentation)
    • Items utilizing the Interaction System that boost the player’s various stats for a limited amount of time.
    • Various Potion effects include healing, stamina regeneration, attack boosts, defense boosts, and poisoning weapons.
  • Creature Abilities: Plant Passive
    • When a plant-element creature is equipped, its passive ability will give the player a small burst of healing at set time intervals.
  • Potion Crafting System (Documentation)
    • Utilizing the Object Interaction System, the player can collect various plants across the world and store them using the game’s Inventory system.
    • The system will allow the player to make potions with the plants they collect.
    • Will allow for easy creation of crafting recipes using Unity’s scriptable objects.

The Stroke of Midnight
(Jan. 2021 – Apr. 2021)

Genre:Psychological Horror
Engine:Unreal Engine 4
Role:Gameplay Programmer, Narrative Designer
Company:Memento Games Studios (College Project)
Links:Source Code

Take the role of Bryce, an impulsive teenager who breaks into an art gallery for a dare. Bryce quickly realizes that things aren’t normal in this gallery at night when the art itself comes to life to try and hunt him down. Try to survive the night and escape the gallery, while uncovering the mystery behind a famous painter who mysteriously disappeared.

In my second year of college, in preparation for my final capstone project, we worked on a smaller version of the project: working on a game for one semester as opposed to two. I worked as a programmer and story designer with 3 other people on this horror game.

Game Elements Worked On:

  • Enemy AI: Statues (Video)
    • A weeping angel-like enemy that only moves when you’re not looking at it.
  • Health and Stamina System (Documentation [1] [2])
    • A system that handles the player health and stamina, and links it to all the relevant functionality in the game.
  • Lighter System (Documentation)
    • The main source of light in the game. The player can toggle this light on and off, however they cannot have it out while they are sprinting.